Sunday, November 6, 2011 Beyond Groceries

Your Early Christmas Present - the Perfect Holiday Companion

So I've told you about for over a year now. I have saved over 80% on some weeks by using this fantastic service! With the holidays just around the corner and Christmas shopping already begun, why not start saving money now!

I've already told you how SavingsAngel saves you on all your grocery needs, but now, they have taken it a few steps further!!!

They have gone beyond groceries!!!
I am so excited to be able to share this with you! Now you can save even more money with SavingsAngel by using the new wonderful features such as:
Daily Deal Watcher

Discount Watcher

Discount Watcher

I love to get a great deal on the daily deal sites, there are so many of them though, I have a very hard time keeping up with them all. Now with SavingsAngel, you don't have to check each daily deal site! Just log in to your SavingsAngel account and go beyond groceries to check all of the amazing deals from The Daily Deal Watcher!!

With the discount watcher, you can get all the best discount and coupon offers from around the internet! No more scratching your head wondering what came out today, just log in, click on the discount tab and there you go, you can find all the latest discounts and coupon offers, saving you time and money!

And the Amazon deal watcher, this is truly amazing! I love shopping on, and now I can check different categories and find items that are at least 90% off by using my SavingsAngel account! There again, saving me tons of time and money.

And isn't our time really worth a lot of money? I know mine is, I have such a busy schedule that having all of my deals and discounts and coupons in one place is so worth it to me! I don't have to go on a massive several hour long hunt for things now, I can do it all in place. Kind of like your One Stop Shopping for all your discounts and coupons!!! :D

And if you sign up for SavingsAngel now, you can get 4 weeks totally FREE!!!
This is from the SavingsAngel website:

We’re sure you’ll love SavingsAngel, so we’re giving you four weeks free! Eight weeks is enough time to save $300-$600! How can you lose? A money–back guarantee and four weeks free!

So try it today! Enjoy the ease, comfort and all the savings that I and thousands of other SavingsAngel members do! You will love it or you get your money back!

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