Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rebates.....let the fun begin!

Learning how to use manufacturer refunds, premium offers and rebates can double and often triple your savings. It's the next step beyond clipping coupons and the payback is well worth the effort!
I myself have just begun in this wonderful fascinating world of refunding! I have only sent in 3 refund forms so of 9/2010. However, I have also received $15 for that little effort. I am putting all of my refunds into a separate account for a special trip I want to take! Read more to learn how you can maximize your savings by using refunds!

A refund (sometimes referred to as a rebate or premium offer) can be cash, a coupon for money savings, a gift, or a promotional item given by a manufacturer of a product that you have purchased. Simply put, it is a way for them to thank you for your business and encourage you to remain a customer.

You can find rebates in many different places. Sometimes they come with a product, in the coupon inserts, on a manufacturers website, through email, even at the store you purchased the item either through a register tape or a small form to fill out.

This past Christmas I was able to purchase 2 gifts with the final cost being only .55 cents thanks to one rebate! My friend Kristen over at Couponing to Disney is the queen of rebates in my eyes. She has a master list that she keeps updated with all the available rebates that is produced. And if you find one that you don't see on the list, let either myself or Kristen know so that it can be added.

The great thing about rebates is it is extra  savings beyond the coupon that is made available to you for purchasing items you were going to purchase anyway. Or maybe it might be that you are on the fence regarding an item, a nice rebate can help you decide if the purchase is really wanted/needed and will make you feel better about your decision to purchase.

You can view Kristen's spreadsheet here. She has also made this available in pdf format for easier use if you prefer. I will stay updated on all rebates and promise to let you know when a new one is found and where you can find it!

I look forward to getting more money back on my purchases through rebates! I'm going to start keeping track of my rebates earned...calling it my Travel Fund! :) We love to travel and to be able to add a little bit of money to that fund for doing nothing more than filling out a form and mailing it in is going to make my fund more enjoyable!

If you decide to start rebating or already are rebating, let me know how much you money you "earn" this year!

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