Thursday, December 30, 2010

A fantastic interview

I am so excited to share this! Did any of you watch the Extreme Couponers episode the other night on TLC? Well Mr. Coupon himself Nathan Engels contacted me and is giving me the opportunity to interview him! I can as anywhere from 5-7 questions and get his answers either by phone or by submitting questions from my readers!
So here is where you come in.....what would you like to know regarding couponing? Come on, don't be shy...ask! I will submit all questions you ask and I promise to give you all the answers he has time for!
Ask anything from strategy to stockpiling to where to find coupons.....Nathan is going to be very candid with his answers and hopes he can help everyone. I will submit questions to him on Sunday morning so please ask away!

Have a Blessed day/night,

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