Monday, November 29, 2010 ™ - cut your Grocery Bill in HALF through Enlightened Shopping! ™

With the move and the holiday and school work all pulling me in different directions I am just now getting to my couponing again!
I know I told you about a wonderful website called SavingsAngel! Now I want to let you know about my experience with them. I finally was able to pull my lists from SavingsAngel on Nov. 20, just in time for my Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping trip! I was so pleased with my results.
With other websites such as and The Grocery Game, I was saving between 40 and 46% every week on my grocery bill. My stockpile was really building up and I was one happy camper. Then I pulled my lists from SavingsAngel.
The lists are fantastic. The folks at there go above and beyond my expectations by not only giving me the coupon insert the particular coupon is in, but every instance available for that coupon, including online! They also have included in the lists menu options for using that particular item. I was more than happy to see how the money I saved was greatly improved with the use of their lists! So I printed my lists, I got all of my coupons together and I ran off to the store.
After my shopping trip I sat down to do my money figuring and to my surprise I saved way over my usual 40-46%, I saved over 50%! My actual savings on this trip........75%!!!!
Now I am really really pleased with this! I cannot wait to sit down and try this again!
I'd love to see how much you can save with them also! Just click here to go right to and get started today! Let us know how much you are saving, is it more or less than before?

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