Sunday, October 10, 2010 ™ - cut your Grocery Bill in HALF through Enlightened Shopping! ™ ™ - cut your Grocery Bill in HALF through Enlightened Shopping! ™

So I was contacted by Savings Angel. They asked me to do a review of their service. I have a 10 day free trial to evaluate them and then write a review. So far, I'm finding I looooove this place. It is in line with other online places such as The Grocery Game and Coupon Mom. However, the differences are astronomical in my book.
I always use Coupon Mom and never choose anything from the list that is less than 40% off unless I absolutely have to have it. Well...with this list I chose for Meijer on SavingsAngel....I will be saving 81% from this week alone! That to me is going to be a God send! I will shop there possibly tomorrow, not sure just yet, by Tuesday for sure and I will let you know how it turns out. Just to let you know, I will be writing up several posts regarding this company...and I will give my final review after my 10 day trial has ended. Would you like to check them out?
They have fantastic tutorials on how to save, how to organize, how to shop. And they have every coupon they can find for a certain item listed beside it. And, here is my favorite part.....they have menus with the recipes all ready lined up. Now I won't go meal by meal with this, however, I love to cook. I love to cook new things! This is my favorite part because I am going to be adding so many new recipes to my cookbook! We may never have to have the same boring meal week after week again!! Woohooo!!!
Ok so if you would like to check them out early, you can get your first month guaranteed! Then it's only $20 a month and its more than just a coupon/sale list website! I think you are going to love it there!
Click on the banner below to be take directly to the site! Let me know what your first impression of the site is....I may even use your comments in my final review!

West Michigan - Cut your grocery bill in HALF!

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