Friday, September 10, 2010

80% off restaurant gift certificates

80% off restaurant certificates!
Order here and get 80% off with code TOUCHDOWN
Pay only $2 for a $25 certificate 

I loooove this place! I have ordered several $25 dollar gift certificates for my husband. Several of the places on the list are places we have never been to before. This way we can enjoy a fantastic dinner at a new place! There may be a gratuity added or you may have to spend a certain amount to be able to use the gift certificate...please read the full add. I am sure you will enjoy these as much as my husband and I have!

Have a Blessed day/night,


Angela Davis said...

I'm not sure exactly what I would use the GC on if I win but I know it would be something just for me! I never get anything JUST for me, so I'm going to be totally selfish this time LOL!!!

Dewayne Davis said...

I'll definitely give the gift certificate to my wife!!