Monday, July 5, 2010


Ok so how about rebates? Do you partake in rebates? Would you like to?
I am just now starting to do rebates, I have had wonderful inspiration from several of the blogs I follow!
I decided to look at one blog just to see if there was anything on there that I could get a rebate for, ha! whadda ya know...there is! I am now sending in 2 forms to SC Johnson, and I'll get $10 back from them. This is not product that I wouldn't buy unless there was a rebate, this is product that I use in my home on a daily basis. So not only did I save money off the product with a sale, I saved even more because I had coupons on top of the sale, and now...they are going to send me a rebate check!
Seriously, I should have started this along time ago!
One of the blogs I follow has a master list of all rebates that are current. Please go here to see it. I will update posts as she adds rebates to the list also. Another way of being frugal! I love it!!!

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