Sunday, July 4, 2010

Coupon Organization

So everyone talks about how they organize their coupons. Some use recipe boxes, shoe boxes, accordion files, binders, clipped coupons, whole can be mind boggling!
Whatever you do, choose a method and get started organizing those coupons now!
I use the 3 ring binder method. I love my method. I started out using a recipe box. It did well for me, until I wanted to take it to the store. It was bulky, I could never just set it in the cart and look through the coupons if I found an in-store unadvertised deal.
So I did some homework, started studying other ways of organizing. I decided to go with the binder method, and I am sooooo glad I did!
I bought me a Case-It zippered binder. I had saved up my $5 giftcards from Target deals to get it. It actually has 2 3-ring binders in it.

This is my binder.

I have my legal pad on one side along with my scissors and I can keep some ads there also.

The left 3-ring binder and pockets! Loads of pockets!

Then the right side is where I keep my stash! I have sleeves that have 3 pockets in them and make it so easy to store and grab them if needed. I have plastic tabbed dividers to divide my categories. Now I use categories such as personal care, cleaning, meat, dairy, frozen...things like this. I also divide the categories up to get more organization. Some people organize by alphabet, expiration date and other ways.

The right side of my binder, the stash!!!

It has a shoulder strap along with a carrying handle, so it makes it easy to carry in/out of places and opens fully so I can sit it across the cart seat and take my time finding my deals!
So remember, it doesn't matter how you organize....just organize in some way. Whatever works best for you!

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Kimberly said...

Just one thing everyone needs to remember is what works for one person doesn't mean it will work for you. You need to find what way is best and easiest for you.

The Scrappin Mammaw said...

Exactly what Kim said! My way may not be right for you! And you may try several different methods before you find the one that really works out for you.
Thanks Kim :)