Tuesday, July 20, 2010

90 Day Budget Buster Challenge #3

So we are on week 3 of our 90 day budget buster. This weeks challenge......use generic!
Now we all have some brands that we just won't change to a generic on...one of mine.....dish washing liquid! I refuse to use anything but Dawn! Thank goodness I have so many stores around that double coupons and I find wonderful sales on Dawn. 
For the most part tho, if I don't have a coupon for it...I go to Walmart and I do buy generic! I am not too proud to say that I purchase generic brands. Most of them now a days are just as good as their brand name counter parts! Yeah there are some things that you can tell the difference on, but most items....generic works just as well :)
So here again....another challenge that is soooooo easy for me :)

Have a Blessed day/night,

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