Monday, May 17, 2010

Grocery Visit week of 5/17

Ok so I always do my shopping on Mondays, its at the end of the grocery store ads time but the beginning of the week for the drug stores. This is when I get paid so this is the day I chose to tackle this.
This week I think I faired very well.
Shelf Price: $285
OOP:         $154
Savings:      $131 or 46%

Plus.....I got a $5 gift card free from Target, $4.50 reward from Walgreens, $2.00 rewards from Kroger, and $4.50 Extra Care Bucks from CVS, so thats a savings of $16 to be used towards future shopping trips!
And now my deep freeze is completely full. I cannot get another thing in it. So depending on what I fix this week, I may have to take next week off from grocery shopping! My pantry is full and my extra storage shelf is stacked to the hilt. I've been working on my stockpile and my couponing since March 20, so 3 months and I can honestly say, there isn't a thing I need to fix any meal that I want to. It feels good.
At one point in time, when we were both laid off work, we worried where our next meal was going to come from, after adjusting our budget and finding coupon mom, Im very pleased with our progress! :D

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