Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Free Offer: Summer Fun: 19 Wonderful Chicken Salad Recipes

Now that summer is here, so are cookouts with friends and family. What a wonderful tradition to enjoy the warm weather together! There are few greater pleasures than cooking outside while everyone enjoys the sun and fine weather. It’s a wonderful habit to bring a dish to a cookout, but what to make? Chicken salad is always a great choice, but where to find an easy chicken salad recipe?

This collection of 19 wonderful chicken salad recipes includes spicy and fruit-filled recipes, cold chicken salad recipes, an almond chicken salad recipe, some basic chicken salad recipes and more. Chicken salad is a favorite for the whole family, especially during the summer. Get the family out of the house and into the back yard to do some outdoor cooking this summer.

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This eCookbook is full of chicken salad recipes, including:
  • Apple Juice Chicken Salad (page 6)
  • Buffalo Chicken Salad (page 16)
  • Best Chicken Salad Ever (page 22)
    ...and more!
You can get this eCookbook free at:

I cannot wait to download this cookbook and get started! I have all of these cookbooks so far and I can tell you, most of meals for the last 2-3 months have come from one of these books! Enjoy and let me know what you fix and create out this cookbook!

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